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Machine Learning – New Era
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Machine learning in writer perception is a feature that support artificial intelligence to be more precise in its usage. In fact that machine learning have been used for a lot of life’s aspects. The essence of this machine learning itself is iteratively learn from data that users ‘feed’. Some of its example are self-driving car, recommendation offers from online shop, and even fraud detection.

The reason of using this machine learning is the needs of people nowadays to process a massive amount of data with cheaper cost and powerful result. Also the accuracy and speed are also the consideration, leaving the machine learning to produce a better and smart decision without human intervention. Thomas H. Davenport once said that human can create one or two models in a week, meanwhile machine learning can build a thousand of models a week. All of this, lead us to the world of automation technology that support all of our needs.

One of the application that should be tried to build with the machine learning method that writer thinks is “People State of Personality”. After calculating all things that needed, the personality of the user are showed up and there, more information are also popped up. Those information are the special needs, strength, weakness, recommended activities and many more. Which, with those data, an individual could stand against all the weakness that s/he faces and be optimal on wherever they work, because that individual have already observed all possibilities based on the data.

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